Concerto No. 2

Piano Concerto No.2 in F minor, Op. 21(1829)

The Second Concerto, composed when Chopin was nineteen, predates No.1, and is more subjective than the latter. Though equally popular, it is more elusive musically. The slow movement of the F minor Concerto is as breathtaking a poetic effusion as that of the First Concerto.

  • ASHKENAZY, Gorzynski/Warsaw Philharmonic: Angel
  • HASKIL, Markevitch/Lamoureux Orchestra: Philips (CD)
  • LICAD, Previn/London Philharmonic: Sony Classical (CD)
  • NOVAES, Klemperer/Vienna Symphony: Vox(CD)
  • POGORELICH, Abbado/Chicago Symphony: DG (CD)
  • RUBINSTEIN, Ormandy/Philadelphia: RCA (CD)
  • FOU TS’ONG, Maag/London Symphony: Westminster
  • WEISSENBERG, Skrowaczewski/Paris Conservatoire: Angel (CD)