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Dear friends,

Due to the extraordinary circumstances associated with COVID-19 and in the best interests and health of our community, as well as the directive issued by the Provincial Government, Early Music Vancouver (EMV) and the Vancouver Chopin Society (VCS) have cancelled our March 23rd co-presentation of Tomasz Ritter at the Vancouver Playhouse. As a ticket buyer for this event we wanted to reach out directly to let you know your options and what you can do to help.

Option 1: Donate

EMV and VCS, like so many other organizations, are facing a period of unprecedented challenges. To support us through this period, if you haven’t already done so, we ask that you consider donating the full value of your ticket to either VCS or EMV in exchange for a tax receipt. If you choose this option we will need an email or phone confirmation sent to / 604.822.2697 before March 23rd. The preferred means of communication is by email as we field a huge number of phone calls. This email or message should contain:

  • your full name
  • the name of the concert and the number of tickets purchased
  • designated organization (EMV or VCS)
  • the address where we can send the tax receipt

You also can click here to input the information directly. Don’t forget to make clear which organization – VCS or EMV – should receive your donation and send you a tax receipt.

Despite having already spent considerable resources (marketing costs, travel costs, administrative time etc.) on organizing this concert, it is our hope that if enough ticket buyers are willing to donate the value of the tickets that we will be able to pay the artist at least a portion of the agreed upon fee. It is worth considering that those most directly affected by these cancellations are the artists. They are at the heart of what we value and support as an organization and they are facing a prolonged period of serious financial hardship. To read the Globe and Mail article in which EMV is quoted on this reality click here.

As a thank you for our loyal supporters, we have been in contact with Tomasz and have plans for him to provide us with a high-quality video/audio recording of the very same programme he was to perform for us. He will film this from a historical piano maker’s workshop 100km outside of Warsaw. While not the same as a public performance we believe it is a beautiful gesture for him to make.

Option 2: Exchange

We can offer you a ticket exchange for a future EMV or VCS event. Again – please send us an email confirmation at with your full name, phone number, and the performance name for which you are exchanging, or fill in the information directly here.

You can read about VCS next season events here. and subscription order form here.
If you choose to exchange and also subscribe to the next VCS season your charge will be reduced by a value of your tickets.

Option 3: Full Refund

You can request a full refund no questions asked. Again – confirmation by email is the preferred method of communication as the Chan and our respective organizations are facing a huge volume of calls. If you bought tickets online or at the Chan please email, or if you bought tickets through the VCS please email with your full name, phone number, and performance name for which you would like a refund. If you have not responded by March 23 your money will be refunded.

We look forward to hearing from you and wish you and your loved ones good health during these challenging times.


Matthew White, Executive and Artistic Director of Early Music Vancouver Iko Bylicki and Patrick May, Board of Directors, Vancouver Chopin Society

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