Nathan Lai wins a trip to Warsaw

There was a real frisson at Rafal Blechacz’s memorable recital this past Sunday. On top of the music making by Mr. Blechacz, which was spectacular, we also had the much-anticipated draw where the lucky winner would be taking a trip to Warsaw, for the finals of the first ever International Chopin Competition on period instruments in September 2018. The prize package includes round trip flight to the Polish capital for one person, two tickets to the final round of the competition, three days accomodation, and a tour of Zelazowa Wola, Chopin’s birthplace.

The winner of the draw turned out to be six-year old Nathan Lai. Nathan’s mother told us that he is “super excited” about the win, and that he has been much more diligent in his piano practice since Sunday, because he feels that he has to be good enough to sit in the audience and to understand the pieces being played at the competition!

With more than 100 students in the audience, it was no surprise to us that the winner turned out to be a young person. In addition, Nathan’s family subscribes to our series, which qualified them a total of six votes in the draw, according to the rules.

We know that this will be an experience of a lifetime for young Nathan. Who knows, perhaps this journey will spark a passion in music that would change his life?

One of the mandates of The Vancouver Chopin Society is to foster the love of great music in young people. We are absolutely thrilled that we have an enthusiastic young concertgoer such as Nathan.

Congratulations again, Nathan Lai. Bon voyage!