Tobias Koch coming to Vancouver for two recitals

One of the most versatile musicians of his generation, fascinated by the expressive possibilities of historical instruments. To probe the mysteries of sound with open-mindedness, and with a sense of joy for discovery is the musical credo of Tobias Koch. Koch chooses the most suitable instrument after extensive musicological research and performance practice studies, always leading to new results.
For years, he has been considered one of the leading interpreters in the field of romantic performance practice, and particularly of the work of Robert Schumann.
For his Vancouver appearance, Koch will present two different programmes. The first recital will be a recreation of Chopin’s last recital in Edinburgh on October 4, 1848 where he played on the Broadwood piano. Just as Chopin did, Tobias Koch will also be performing on a beautifully restored 1852 Broadwood grand piano.
For his second recital, Koch will present a recital of Polish Romantic music, composers who lived before and at Chopin era. Through this performance, we hope that you would have a more in-depth understanding of the music styles that influenced Chopin and how Chopin influenced other composers.