Because of a glitch, the ticket we drew during Kevin Kenner’s recital turned out to be an unsold ticket. On Dec 5th, at our Annual General Meeting, we repeated the draw, carried out and witnessed by Larry Yen, our society’s attorney. We are happy to report that Henry Quan, a long time subscriber to our concerts, is the winner of the draw. Mr. Quan has been contacted and expressed his delight in winning the prize. Congratulations and see you in Warsaw next year!

2-23 October 2020 – COMPETITION
• 2 October – Inaugural concert
• 3-7 October -I stage
• 9-12 October – II stage
• 14-16 October – III stage
• 17 October – Celebrations marking the 171st anniversary of Fryderyk Chopin’s death
• 18-20 October – Finals
• 21 October – First prize-winners’ concert
• 22 October – Second prize-winners’ concert
• 23 October – Third prize-winners’ concert

The tickets for the 18th International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition have been sold out in five hours on 1st October 2019.